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Tanzanite rings have the quality to exhibit three different colours which can not be found in any other gemstone.The reason that everyone loves to buy this stone is its beauty,colour and vibrancy. Although it has the property to exhibit three different colours but the rich blue is the centre of attraction.Everyone has the desire to have it because it gives a classy and rich look.

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Tanzanite is usually a reddish brown in its colours but to bring out the blue violet of the stone a lot of work has to be done.First, it needs to be heat-treated up to500°C  to get its violet-blue colour, after that it is passed on to the hands of an experienced cutter.The cutter then carefully does his work and bring the treated Tanzanite into faceted or facet-less stones.These stones can be cut into different shapeS which includes cushion, oval, round, heart, pear, emerald, etc

Tanzanite rings shouldn’t be worn while working . You need to protect the gem, if you plan on wearing your ring every day. You are not supposed to clean Tanzanite rings in an ultrasonic cleaner.You are supposed to Clean tanzanite rings with mild dish soap or you can use a soft brush behind the gems where dust can collect.

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Tanzanite rings are mostly formed in white or yellow gold. It is not crafted in silver because the metal cannot protect the gem.Everyone Likes the purplish blue colour most so, whenever you get a chance to buy Tanzanite ring you need to consider the quality of the Tanzanite ring.

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