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Weddingfuntime.com is the best site where you can find most attractive and glamorous Eye Makeup tips which increase your beauty. Eye Makeup gives a complete or perfect look to your eyes. Eye makeup can explicate how real or natural look your look is. If you want to be learn a procedure you can use daily or look pretty for a special occasion. Without Eye Makeup your eyes seems entirely simple and small. Eye makeup shows how ideal or stunning your entrance is.

  • Wash your face with cleanser or makeup wipe.
  • Apply primer to your eye lid.
  • Apply concealer around your eyes.
  • Concealer can be used to paint your dark-circles. Then rub it fluently with your finger. Until the dark portion  completely  done.
  • Select your eye shadow according to your dress color but it looks pretty to make use of three types of shadows and then expand from lid to brow.
  • Apply medium color of shadow on your eye lid.
  • Apply a silver color on your eye bone. Highlight this area. Apply a dark color on your crease of your eyes.

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Eyes are the control center of the women beauty.  Today I will tell you how to do intense Smokey Eye look on your own. At first what you need to do is add a primer on your upper eyelids. Applying eye shadows can be bit nasty, darker shades should be applied on the crease lines whereas cool and light shades at the center. Blend them together gently.  Start by applying eye liner pencil over the eye lid and blend as much as possible. Then, apply a light black eye shadow over the black. Don’t forget to blend it well.  A well applied blend of eye shades can give you the best entrancing look. Use creamy black eye shadow at the corners of the eyes. Apply thick lashes on the lashes.

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smokey eye makeup

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The purpose of Smokey Eye makeup should be, first and foremost, to make your eyes look brighter. It should makes your eyes stand out among all other face features. Apply highlighter on the brow bone. Apply kajol on the water line. In the end apply the eye pencil. Remember your eyes are the most important part of your face which other people observe most. So must focus on your eyes to make them amazing.
smokey eyes makeup

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